Explore Glazing is a trade name of Truck and Bus Glazing B.V.

Truck en Bus Glazing B.V. – TBGlazing – is a family owned enterprise that has grown into an internationally operating company. All our products are developed and manufactured in our own factory. The products of TBGlazing are used for various applications in commercial vehicles, mostly in horse trucks by well-known coachbuilders all over Europe.

We have employed our expertise to develop and produce windows for off-road vehicles. Our windows are completely consistent with the original dimensions. 

The original sliding windows often left much to be desired, for instance these frequently leaked, were difficult or impossible to open and had a poor finish. These imperfections can be solved and improved easier and less expensive than most manufacturers will suggest. 

You can buy directly from us at very competitive prices without the intermediation of agents or trading companies.

Look at our products and you will be convinced!

Land Rover Defender
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Land Rover Defender Specials
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Land Rover Discovery 1
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Land Rover Discovery 2
Land Rover Discovery 2 View more
Jeep Cherokee XJ
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Jeep Wrangler JLU
Jeep Wrangler JLU View more
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Mercedes-Benz G Class
Mercedes-Benz G Class View more
Suzuki Jimny FJ
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Suzuki Jimny GJ
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Suzuki SJ413
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Toyota Land Cruiser Series 75 & 78
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Lada Niva
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