Land Rover Discovery 1

The following products are available for Land Rover Disvovery I:

  • Sliding windows - only available for the 3 door version
  • Expedition windows (gull wing)
  • Window guards
  • Explore Overlander (window guard / table combination)

Sliding windows - only available for the 3 door version
The windows are completely consistent with the original dimensions of your side window, so these can be installed easily and quickly.

The sliding part of the window is mounted in a specifically developed sliding system, which makes it immune to the accumulation of dirt in the slide channel. It is a system we are using for at least 20 years in the coachbuilding industry and it guarantees long-term low maintenance.

The sliding window from Explore Glazing is fitted with an easily operated lock mechanism and is adjustable in various positions. The edges of the glass are polished for optimum performance and safety.

All sliding windows are fitted with 4 mm toughened safety glass, certified ECE R-43 and DOT and available in privacy grey, light transmission 20% (tinted 80%).

Expedition windows (gull wing)
Use the expedition window – also known as ‘gull wing’ - for a quick and easy access to the loading space of your Discovery.

This window too has the same dimensions as the original side window of your Discovery and can be installed quickly and easily.

Aluminium version
An aluminum plate, equipped with two robust gas springs and two lockable compression latches, ensures a perfect seal.

The entire gull wing - the frame and the hinged part - is finished with a black, high-quality industrial powder coating (RAL 9005) and is therefore insensitive to discoloration due to weather influences.

The gullwing is completely pre-assembled and ready to be mounted in your Discovery!

Glass version
In addition to the aluminum version, the gullwing is also available with 5 mm tempered safety glass with ECE 43R and DOT certification available in the colour privacy grey, light transmission 20% (tinted 80%).

The gullwings can be used in both the left and right side of the vehicle. The maximum opening angle is approximately 120 degrees.

When ordering, clearly indicate whether you have a Land Rover Discovery I 3- or 5-door version, as the dimensions are different.

Window guards
For all Explore Glazing sliding windows and gullwings, a window guard has been developed with the following unique product features;

  • Unique design, which exactly follows the contours of the window profile.
  • Fixation on the window profile with the following advantages:
    • the bodywork is not damaged by mounting holes, which can result in untreatable rusting in the hollow spaces of the bodywork;
    • easy to return to its original state.

The window guard offers optimum protection of the glass during your off-road adventures and the sliding window can remain open for optimum ventilation while driving, for you and your fellow passengers, and when staying overnight in the car.

For mounting on the Explore Glazing window, you can use our Mounting set for the window guards with M5*10 torx security screws with corresponding bit, so that it cannot be removed from outside without the right tools and you will keep out unwanted guests.

The window guard is made from a 3 mm aluminum plate and provided with the same industrial black powder coating as the Explore Glazing windows. Color RAL9005.

A window guard has also been developed for the gullwing for optimum protection of the glass in your gullwing!

Explore Overlander Light
A unique combination of a hinged table and window protection with the possibility to attach sandboards or other expedition equipment.

The Explore Overlander Light fits your Explore Glazing window. The hinges and locks are completely mounted on the window frame, so that no holes need to be drilled in the body of your Discovery. This completely prevents leakage and corrosion.

The Overlander remains within the overall dimensions of the Explore Glazing window, so that the original design of your Discovery is not interrupted.

The aluminium plate is finished with the same high-quality industrial black powder coating (RAL 9005) as all Explore Glazing windows.

Despite the low weight of only 2 kg, the Explore Overlander Light can carry a weight up to 30 kg.

Detachable, adjustable straps with stainless steel hooks allow you to open the Explore Overlander Light at any angle or fold it down completely for maximum access to the interior of your Discovery.

The Explore Overlander Light adds only 16 mm on the body and offers additional options for attaching your equipment without obstructing the rear view.

The space between the Explore Glazing window and the Overlander is 9 mm, so that there is sufficient space for mounting other accessory.

There are also various mounting points included in the Overlander.  The hole pattern with the same design as the window guards gives the Explore Overlander a friendly appearance and provides sufficient daylight.

The Explore Overlander Light is offered as a do-it-yourself package and consists of the following parts:

  • 1 x aluminum plate
  • 2 x hinge, black coated Zinc die-cast with stainless steel parts
  • 2 x index plunger black coated Zinc die-cast with stainless steel parts and stainless steel closing brackets
  • 2x fastening strap with stainless steel hooks
  • All necessary mounting material (stainless steel).

All parts of the Explore Overlander and the Overlander Light are of european origin and of the highest quality.

Further options

Explore Overlander Airline rails
For mounting sandboards or other equipment, we have developed our own airline profile with the same industrial powder coating as our other products (RAL 9005).

  • Set of 2 pieces
  • Material specification EN AW-6063 T66
  • Dimensions 42 x 11 mm (wxh)
  • Weight 500 grams / meter
  • Holes with diameter 20mm, intermediate size 17.5 mm
  • Equipped with countersunk holes 5.3 mm for mounting on the Overlander (stainless steel M5x8 included)

Overlander Pack
An absolute must have during your offroad trip or overlanding tour:

  • 2 x 25mm strap 2.5 mtr with stainless steel clamp buckle
  • 4 x single stud airline fiitting, black plastic housing, 500 daN
  • 4 x butterfly fitting M8x25 galvanized steel
  • 4 x butterfly fitting M8x60 galvanized steel
  • 4 x lockable M8 safety star knob black plastic
  • 2 x folding key with stainless steel insert, red plastic
  • 2 x rubber cover for airline rails




  • The dimensions of the windows fully correspond to the original side window glasses.
  • No adjustments to the bodywork are necessary, so that the original side window glasses can be replaced if necessary.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.

Both the sliding windows and the gullwings are mounted in the original window rubber.

It is important that the Explore Glazing products are assembled correctly and safely. Careless assembly can lead to accidents and serious damage and / or injury to you or others. If you have no technical experience or are not familiar with the general assembly instructions, we recommend that you have our products assembled by a skilled company.

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