Mercedes-Benz G Rear door

Halfdrop window Mercedes-Benz G rear door

For optimal ventilation during long journeys, the original rear door window can be replaced with a halfdrop window. This window opens vertically from top to bottom (halfdrop) and offers optimal ventilation across the entire width of the window.

The dimensions of this window are exactly the size of the original window.

The window is mounted in the original window rubber, so that the original window can be easily replaced. You do not have to adjust your back door.

The Explore Glazing halfdrop window has an easy-to-use lock and can be locked in various positions. The glass edges are polished to ensure optimal function and safety. The window is equipped with 4 mm tempered safety glass, ECE 43R and DOT certified and only available in dark gray LT20%.

The window is not equipped with heating and the antenna also has to be moved.

A window guard is also available for this window.


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