Explore Glazing develops and produces entirely in-house:

Sliding windows

The sliding part of the window is mounted in a specially designed  aluminium slide profile, which ensures a reliable and leak-free operation, and also is insensitive to dirt accumulation in the slide channel. A system that has been used by us for at least 20 years and guarantees years of low-maintenance operation.

The sliding window of Explore Glazing has an easy-to-use closing mechanism and can be opened in various positions. The edges of the glass are polished for optimum operation and safety.

We develop and produce sliding windows for various 4x4 vehicles, which fully correspond to the original dimensions, so that they can be assembled quickly and easily.

Expedition windows (gullwing)

Use the expedition window – also known as ‘gullwing’ - for a quick and easy access to the loading space of your 4x4.

This window too has the same dimensions as the original sliding windows of your 4x4 and can be installed quickly and easily.

Window guards

For all Explore Glazing sliding windows and gullwings, a window guard has been developed with the following unique product features;

  • Unique design, which exactly follows the contours of the window profile.
  • Fixation on the window profile with the following advantages:
    • the bodywork is not damaged by mounting holes, which can result in untreatable rusting in the hollow spaces of the bodywork;
    • easy to return to its original state;
    • the possibility to mount airline rails, which is often not possible with the conventional window guards.

The window guard offers optimum protection of the glass during your off-road adventures and your sliding window can remain open for optimum ventilation while driving, for you and your fellow passengers, and when staying overnight in the car.

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